About Us

Branch Meetings
The AAUW Traverse City Area Branch holds monthly Branch meetings. We currently meet virtually via Zoom. Register to join the meetings through Branch emails.

Contact Information
Mailing address: P.O. Box 1142, Traverse City, MI 49685
Email address: aauwtc@gmail.com

Interest Groups
In addition, there are a number of interest groups that meet monthly:

    • Evening Book Study
    • Night Readers
    • Verna Mae Daytime Book
    • Poetry
    • Current Events
    • K2P2 Needlers (cancelled until further notice)
    • Lunchin’ Around (cancelled until further notice)
    • Bridge and Lunch Group
    • Lunch at Lobdell’s Restaurant (cancelled until further notice)
    • Daytrippers (cancelled until further notice)
    • State Theatre Volunteer Group (cancelled until further notice)
    • Cowell Cancer Center Helpers (cancelled until further notice)

New groups are added when there are three members with the same interest.

Fundraisers and Outreach Activities

    • Friday Night Live
    • Amazon Book Sales
    • Semi-annual New & Used Books & Bags Sale at Mercato in Building 50 at the Commons
    • Book sales at winter Farmer’s Market once a month in the Mercato in Building 50 at the Commons
    • Books for Children Project

We welcome you to join us.